Crude: Oso Condensate 

Latest Assay Date:

Assay Data

Property Minimum (typical) Maximum
API Gravity: 47.4
RVP psig: 10.9 11.3
Gas to C4 %wt: 5.07
Total Wax %wt: 10.63
Pour Point °c: -9 18
Cloud Point °c: 23 26
H2S in Oil Phase ppm: 0
Benzene %wt: -
H2S in Vapour:
Note: Cloud Points are calculated in accordance with Chapter 7 of EI Hydrocarbon Management Paper HM40
Kinematic Viscosity cst
T1°c: 20 V1: 2.02
T2°c: 50 V2: 1.25


Crude Oil Washing Code
Summer / Winter None -
(See HM40 for explanation of codes)
Minimum Temperatures °c
Load: No Heat
Carriage: No Heat
Discharge: No Heat


This crude may be subject to wax laydown in cold conditions so bottom washing may be required. However, the gas content is very high which may lead to vapour losses and high cargo tank pressures.

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