Crude: West Texas Intermediate 

Latest Assay Date:

Assay Data

Property Minimum (typical) Maximum
API Gravity: 39.8
RVP psig: 7.8 -
Gas to C4 %wt: 0.95
Total Wax %wt: 4.74
Pour Point °c: -36 -18
Cloud Point °c: 14 19
H2S in Oil Phase ppm: 5.3
Benzene %wt: -
H2S in Vapour:
Note: Cloud Points are calculated in accordance with Chapter 7 of EI Hydrocarbon Management Paper HM40
Kinematic Viscosity cst
T1°c: 20 V1: 4.92
T2°c: 40 V2: 3.08


Crude Oil Washing Code
Summer / Winter A1 B1
(See HM40 for explanation of codes)
Minimum Temperatures °c
Load: No Heat
Carriage: No Heat
Discharge: No Heat


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